You’re Glowing!

I made it through without breaking down. It’s definitely not getting any easier, though, that’s for sure. I hate feeling this way. I have nothing positive to say. It feels like these days won’t end.

March 5th, 2020 Journal Entry

I listened to one of my favorite podcasters this morning, and on today’s episode, he said a quote that I loved and will be adding to my motivational wall. “Getting real with yourself is about being able to look back and be proud of choosing happiness over expectations” –(Case Kenny). To more days filled with happiness!

March 11th, 2021 Journal Entry

During February, I did a lot of reflecting on where I was a year ago, compared to where I am now. It’s been an amazing yet precious time of reflection. I shared with you all two different journal entries I wrote, which were almost a year apart from one another. This is meant not in a bragging “look at me way” but rather a way to inspire you, hopefully!

The first journal entry is as authentic as I can get. That was me a year ago in one of my most emotionally vulnerable mindsets. On the inside, I was depressed with zero energy to do anything, but on the outside, was trying my best to put a smile on my face. For almost a month, that’s how I was feeling.

Until one day, I randomly woke TF up and realized me moping around wasn’t going to change anything. I decided to take action and change. Sure, I had family and friends during this time to comfort and support me, but I decided on my own to change my mentality for no one but myself!

I made a note of the qualities I had and those I wanted to define me. I began to dig deep with the problems I faced and started coming up with solutions. I started to love myself truly. I learned how important it is to find happiness within yourself and not from others. I read, I wrote, I listened, I created, I laughed and I experienced everything I could to help me on my self-journey of finding true happiness.

The second journal entry is still an authentic version of myself but with a stronger and healthier mindset!

One of the books I read during this growing time, called Captivating, has a chapter titled “Warrior Princess,” and I became exactly that! “A warrior princess is a woman who is wise, cunning, strong, beautiful, confident, courageous, victorious, present, and everything else you can think of when you think of powerful women.”


A year later, all I can do now is look back and be grateful for that experience! I had to go through dark times, but it helped me shine brighter than ever! I feel happier than I ever have been. Even my friends and family notice and have been telling me YOU’RE GLOWING” all the time, and it’s truly a great feeling.

To all of you who may be going through a tough time right now:

  • It will be okay!
  • You will get through this!
  • Good things will come!
  • You are stronger than you seem!
  • You are a total badass!
  • You got this!

To all of you who may NOT be going through a tough time, this one is STILL for you!

  • Lend a helping hand where you can!
  • Always work on improving!
  • Never stop loving yourself!
  • Let your light shine bright!
  • Check-in on those you care for often!
  • Please share your experiences as they may help someone in need!
  • Laugh as often as you can!

I write to share my stories and experiences and to empower you in any way I can, hopefully! If I can get through it, so can you!

Thank You for viewing my blog!

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