Same Year, New Me

I came across a post on Instagram last night that read, “January 2020 me and August 2020 me are two VERY different people,” and that spoke to me.

I think we can all agree, this year has been rough on everyone for all different reasons. I know for myself, everything that was going on hurt me but also challenged me!

The beginning of 2020 was one of, if not the most, challenging time for me emotionally. I was faced with overcoming my self head-on. I was not in the happiest of places, which says a lot as I am usually known to be “so bubbly.” I was tired of dealing with my high state of emotions. I was tired of feeling sad. So I decided to change it. I altered my pessimistic feelings to optimistic ones. I decided to work on myself.

These past few months, I have spent digging deep and reflecting on the woman I was and the woman I wanted to become. I started getting inside my head and out of my comfort zone. I challenged myself to find what the issues were and solutions to them. I began reading “self-help” books, I listened to several podcasts, I wrote down affirmations and read them to myself out loud daily. I had a gratitude journal, I created a space on the wall in my room to put motivational quotes on. I started getting my body moving and active again; I tried new things and picked up new hobbies.

For three months consecutively, I did it all! I fueled my mind with nothing but positive reinforcement. It almost felt as though I was “reprograming” my mind. I started to gain a new perspective on life. I started worrying less about the past or the future and became more present. I became more mindful. I was finally focusing on myself FOR myself.

So, of course, “January 2020 me and August 2020 me are VERY different people” because I worked hard to get to where I am now. I took this time to grow.

I feel like a whole new person now. I am shining brighter than ever, and others notice it as well. I am much happier now. I no longer overthink things, my stress and anxiety levels have significantly decreased, I am radiating with confidence now and motivated to accomplish any task given. I am more independent, I have learned to accept the things I cannot change while improving what I can. I am even physically and emotionally stronger then I have ever been! I know my worth now all because I took the time to work on myself. The best part, no one forced me to change; I did it because I wanted to!

I have seen many posts on social media saying things like “2020 is canceled!” or “can we just skip the rest of this year?” While these posts are funny, I disagree! Personally, I am beyond grateful for everything 2020 has put me through thus far.

If I didn’t get heartbroken, if I wasn’t forced to stay home, if I didn’t lose my job, I would NOT be where I am today! It took getting over these hurdles to realize my true potential, and it is only up from here! My words to anyone reading this, I hope, if anything, this motivates you! To get you thinking about the person you want to be versus the person you currently are. To show you, with dedication and time, you can truly become the best version of yourself!

While 2020 has been a bumpy ride, it is NOT over, and there is still time to work on yourself. There is still time to change. Do it now; don’t wait for the new year. Trust me when I say, reflecting on yourself can be challenging, but I promise it will be worth the journey.

I leave you with my favorite quote, which reads:

“Promise me you’ll always remember: you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, & Loved more than you know”

Winnie the Pooh

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  1. Maria Colon says:

    Beautifully said. You have grown much this year. The life lessons you learned through your job loss, and heartbreak and everything else you experienced, did not destroy you, they have made you stronger and wiser. God bless you, and congratulations as you continue to share and grow in heart and mind. Challenges are a good thing, if accepted with a good attitude.


    1. Thank you so much ! I couldn’t agree more though. I’m excited to see all that’s to come 🤍


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