Headphone Freedom

I have never been one to keep up to date with the latest technology. So, when the Apple Air Pods first came out, as usual, I looked the other way.

At first, I had a negative opinion about Air Pods. I assumed I would end up losing the Air Pods, and they were going to be a waste of money.

Just like all other new advanced technologies, the Air Pods quickly became the new obsession. I surprisingly heard great reviews about Air Pods, but even still, was not interested in purchasing them.

Danny and I started running and having my headphones with the cords, quickly became an annoyance. I would see Danny running ahead with his Air Pods, while I was stuck behind still untangling the cords around my arm. I think one of the Air Pods features that won me over was when I saw Danny tap on his earbud to change the song. Game changer! After seeing how effortlessly Danny would be able to listen to music while running or working out, I started to think I could, in fact, might want some Air Pods.

While I was in desperate need of a new pair, I still was not able to justify spending so much money on headphones. Christmas was soon approaching, and headphones were on my list.

Not only did Danny get me headphones as requested on my list, he, of course, went above and beyond a got me a pair of Apple Air Pods!

Photo Courtesy of: Danny Alicea

Now, four weeks later, I do not know what I was thinking before. I love my Air Pods! I have not lost them yet, but it turns out, they are surprisingly easy to keep track of. I just put them in the charging case, and they easily fit it into my small purse or even my pocket with no issues.

Due to the size of the Air Pods, I am finally able to listen to music while at work. Before, I tried using regular headphones at work, but since I am at the front desk of my office, it was hard to do so with people coming in and out. I love how I can now listen to music without it being a problem. If someone walks into the office or calls out my name, I now can easily take out one earbud, and my music automatically pauses.

For such little headphones, the sound quality is amazing! I can hear every beat and sound.

I also thought the wireless headphones would be an issue, but that’s honestly my favorite part because I now have the freedom of not being tethered to anything.

So, I guess the lesson here, don’t be too quick to judge something and don’t avoid updates either!

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