A Cincinnati Surprise

Danny and I celebrated our one-year anniversary on January 1st of this year. Since it fell on a weekday, we decided to celebrate last weekend. As you all noticed from my previous blog post, Danny loves surprising me and last weekend was no different. Little did I know, Danny already had our weekend planned out and had purchased the plane tickets. I had no idea where we were traveling to but I was excited about another weekend adventure. 

Somehow, Danny managed to keep the surprise going right up until I was seated on the plane. Then I heard the flight attendant say our destination over the intercom, “Thank you for traveling with us this evening, we hope you enjoy your flight to Cincinnati.” While I did not think about Cincinnati as being a surprise destination, I was still happy we were going there. Danny was familiar with Cincinnati because he attended college there so I knew it meant a lot for him to bring me back to his old stomping grounds. Upon arriving, the weather was beautiful! We kicked off the adventure at the rental car place, where Danny was able to flirt his way to have us drive off in a 2019 Mustang with no additional charges. As we drove away, Danny reminisced by sharing stories of his first visit to the city.

The SkyStar Wheel which is America’s largest portable observation wheel located at
55 E Freedom Way

We arrived at Tommy’s and Clare’s house. Clare is Danny’s best friend and Tommy is her boyfriend. They recently moved into a beautiful home together and were great hosts as they allowed us to stay with them for the duration of our visit. Once Danny and I were settled in, the four of us went out for dinner at Keystone Bar and Grill. In my opinion, they had the best mac and cheese dish I’ve ever eaten!

BBQ and bacon mac and cheese at Keystone Bar and Grill
Photo Courtesy of: Keystone

After stuffing our faces, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden for the Festival of Lights. While none of the animals were out, the lights were pretty and we enjoyed some “adult flavored” hot chocolate while walking through the zoo. The rest of the night consisted of bar-hopping all throughout the heart of Cincinnati. My favorite bar we went to was called Pins. While at pins, not only did we all enjoy great music and satisfying drinks, we were able to do so while appreciating the view of Cincinnati from the rooftop bar they had. It was a great first night to begin our weekend.

Danny, Clare, myself and Tommy
at the Festival of Lights enjoying some Hot Chocolate

Saturday, during the day, was a “content day” as Danny refers to them. We both enjoy taking pictures and videos when we go on trips, so these “content days” in our opinion are always necessary. While the weather was a bit gloomy, we still enjoyed exploring the city because Cincinnati has a ton of Instagram-worthy places to take cool pictures of.

Danny’s Sonny A6400 feating the Cincinnati Skyline

Saturday night was very special for us because we had dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant named Boca. The food and service were definitely 5-star worthy and this was the restaurant that got Danny through college while working as a food server. I could never picture him as a food server, so I enjoyed being able to witness firsthand what he used to do.  I loved everything about Boca and recommend it to anyone visiting Cincinnati. 

Amish Chicken Dish I got at Boca’s Restaurant

Since we were not out late on Saturday, Danny and I decided to wake up early on Sunday to catch the sun rising. Unfortunately, once we arrived at our location, it was overcast and raining so we were unable to see the sunrise.  Since we were out and about already, we decided to take advantage and see a bit more of the city. We went to have breakfast at Taste of Belgium. After being seated, we ordered their signature dish: chicken and waffles. It was so good, we each ordered a second plate. Since it was still raining, we drove around the city sightseeing to stay dry. Among the sites visited, we also drove by the University of Cincinnati, Danny’s first apartment, the bar he first danced salsa at and we even drove past some of his hidden spots.

A package of fresh waffles for purchase at Taste of Belgium

Eventually, just like that, our weekend was over. The rest of our Sunday was spent enjoying each other’s company and just being silly watching videos while at the airport. There were some downfalls, but overall, I would say it was such an amazing weekend. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. I am happy Danny brought me to Cincinnati and I was able to share some of his prior experiences with him. Here’s to many more trips and adventures together!

Danny and I at the Festival of Lights

Stay tuned for my next blog post!

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