2019 Spark Notes

Looking back and 2019 was such a great year for me! Here are my 2019 favorite moments at a quick glance.

  • I started the year with Danny asking me to officially be his girlfriend
  • Moved out of my house in Miami and came back to Orlando to live
  • Started taking salsa classes with Danny
  • Participated in my first Mud Race
  • As a temporary job, I was a middle school teacher at my mom’s school
  • I went on my first international trip to Panama where I stayed on an indigenous island, climbed to the top of a dormant volcano to watch the sunrise, went zip lining and stayed in a castle all for the first time as well.
  • Climbed through the trees on my first tree trek adventure
  • Attended the annual Amigas weekend trip on the beach
  • Went to Disney (way more often than I probably ever have)
  • Started a new Job with AdventHealth Marketing as an Office Coordinator
  • Attended my first salsa congress at the Orlando Salsa Congress
  • Traveled to New Orleans for the first time for another Salsa and Bachata congress
  • Tried wake boarding and was surprisingly pretty good
  • Traveled to South Carolina for the first time to meet Danny’s family
  • Joined Afincao Salsa Training Team
  • Went to Halloween Horror Nights with some team members
  • Went to Tampa on a charter bus to see the NY Giants beat the Buccaneers
  • Tried Axe throwing for the first time with some co-workers as a team bonding
  • Took my first dance boot camp and performed for the first time the same day
  • Hit my quarter of a century
  • Finally went on my first Aventura Dance Cruise to the Dominican Republic
  • Danny and I had our first motorcycle trip to St. Augustine
  • I started my blog and photography page back up again
  • Traveled to Cincinnati for the first time
  • Danny and I made a year

2019 brought me so many good memories, I cannot wait to see what my 2020 vision will look like!

-XOXO, Natasha

4 Comments Add yours

  1. John Isaiah says:

    Awesome!! So many accomplishments. Good job. Happy new year. 🎆🎈


    1. Thank you so much ! Happy new year to you as well 🎆🍾


  2. Beautiful Inspiration


    1. Thank you so much ! This is the year for your 2020 vision !

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