Stop Dreaming and Start Living Your Bucket List

Panama 2019

One the first night I met you in September, we stayed up talking about our different life dreams. We both shared the dream of accomplishing our bucket list. I think having and working toward both short-term and long- term goals is extremely important. Having a bucket list just helps to add a layer of meaning and excitement to life and what the future holds. Some people I have met have a bucket list and others do not, the fact that you did have one caught my attention.

I was intrigued to know all that was on this buck list of yours. You pulled out your phone, opened your notes and began reading away all the things you had already accomplished and still had yet to. My eyes lit up with while my smile stretched from cheek to cheek with how excited I was. I sat on the couch listening to you share your bucket list and you told me, “When you see it written out, it makes it that more realistic and put into place”.

You also shared with me you try to do two International trips and a few domestic trips a year. You also shared with me one of the places on your bucket list to visit, was Panama. You were so excited about the idea that you bought your ticket that day. At the time no one was going with you, you had no plans of what to do but you were determined you were going to get that Panama stamp. You even got my mom on board, who also bought her ticket that day too. I was happy the two of you had this trip planned. I had just met you and felt it was weird to invite myself, but the idea sounded like fun!

I had always had an imaginary bucket list in my head. It was a rather small one only because I can not remember things. You inspired me though. Later that weekend, I sat in my bed actually writing out my bucket list. What started out as a small list, soon became pages and pages worth of things I wanted to accomplish all thanks to you.

In October We started dating and you wanted me to join you and my mom on the trip. At the time, I did not know what my plan for the next day was going to be let alone a trip that was not scheduled until 5 months later. I could not commit to something so far in advance at the time and did not really have the money. “Remember the bucket list! You have to start checking things off. You can always ask for days off from work if needed and I can buy your ticket now for you and you just pay me back when you get the money. You can’t miss this. I want you to come” were the words you said and convinced me further in going.

On New Years, when you asked me to be your girlfriend, we also shared our resolutions for the year, we both agreed we wanted to travel together this year and start checking some of our bucket list things, starting with our Panama trip.

It was now me, you, my mom ready for this Panama trip. You tried to get a few more people to join the trip but all the people you asked could not join. At your game night, you asked Keisha and her boyfriend to join us and they were both super down. A 5 person group was a solid number for Panama.

You started looking at things on our bucket list and tried to see what things we could all accomplish as a group together. For days, you were reading reviews and looking for the best places to go and see while in Panama. You were so excited to share with the group all your findings, you even created a powerpoint and had a ‘Panama meeting’ to discuss the itinerary. This was really happening. Every time we spoke of Panama, my Chester cat smile would come out.

Now, In just a few hours me, you, my mom, Keisha, and her boyfriend will be on a plane to Panama City, Panama and I could not be any more excited about it! Not only am I going to be checking some things off my bucket list, but this is also my first International trip. I will be with two very important people in my life for an entire week while immersing ourselves in a new culture.

While on the trip, I plan on taking a ton of pictures. Follow our Panama adventure on my photography Instagram @Capturingnaturesfinest. Stay tuned after we get back with all the stories and experience we came across!

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  1. Neriman K.- Reader, Writer, Teacher & Mindfulness Advocate says:

    Hi Natasha, your photos are gorgeous! Just checked your Instagram page 🙂 -Neri

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much 😊 glad you like them!


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