“Good writers keep a notebook around them all the time, ready to jot down anything they may touch, see, hear, smell or even taste. You never know when a good idea will spark the creative mind and good writers are always ready for whatever may come at them.”

I took a writing class one semester in college and my professor shared the importance of a writer carrying around a notebook. That has stuck with me ever since. I carry my physical notebook with me just about everywhere. If I don’t have my actual notebook, I have my notes on my phone ready to jot things down. I decided to name my notebook Natasha’s Notebook. (Hence where I got the name for this blog). Here is my notebook and the experiences that have come with it. I hope you all enjoy the stories and content I have to share.

  1. Natasha, You are a beautiful soul and I see the kind, gentle, strong young lady you are becoming. Your confidence…

  2. Lillian Nolin on Changes

    Perfect choice of words and analytical way to write about the abundance of life.,.. Purposely, what it can offer and…

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